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Meet Our Co-Founder


Shenique Carmichael, Founder and President of Leah’s Hopes and Dream (LHD), is an accomplished business owner, leader, and business partner with over a decade of progressive experience leading and managing strategic business initiatives from inception through implementation. She recently published her first book – “Don’t Quit. God is not done yet!” This book was written to encourage, motivate, and empower individuals to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles they face.

She is supported by her husband Mike of 19 years and has two children, Destini 20, and Isaiah 15. She is employed by TIAA-CREF and works with a team responsible for managing changes that drive and sustain company performance and compliance with industry and regulatory guidelines. She was born in Nassau Bahamas but was raised on one of the most beautiful Islands of the Bahamas – Exuma. She currently resides in Charlotte North Carolina where she works with other non-profit organizations helping to build the community by empowering homeless individuals, underprivileged families, and work to help reduce poverty which is a constant battle.

Shenique completed her undergraduate at St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh where she focused on Business Administration and Marketing. She obtained her Master’s Degree from Pfeiffer University in Banking and Finance, and received her Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University.

Leah’s Hopes and Dreams stands on three principles – Faith, Loving Unconditionally, and Giving without Exception. It was created out of her love for GOD, families, and wanting to make a difference in our community. Growing up in the Bahamas, she understands the struggle of poverty, and the need to educate individuals on the importance of understanding their purpose.

Shenique ministers to women on a weekly basis, encourage them to follow their dreams; know who they are in Christ and stand firm on the word of GOD. She is also working with other organizations to educate and provide career training for individuals who need to get back into the workforce. Once a month, she and her team go out to feed the homeless and underprivileged families. During this time, they embrace that opportunity to share the gospel and pray with them. Her heart is set on educating, others, and taking advantage of every opportunity God provides to ensure that HE gets the glory in everything she does.


Dr. Shenique Carmichael

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