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Our first virtual campaign for LHD’s “2020 Homes for the Homeless” fundraiser is in full swing. Learn more about what we are doing and how you can donate below:

Campaign Dates: Monday, September 14th- Friday, October 9th

Þ Money Raised: $9, 138.37

Þ Gap to Goal: $90,861.63

Þ # of Days Remaining: 18

Þ Donate today via or Text “LHD” to 443-21

Fundraising Goal:

The goal of this campaign is to raise $100,000 in 4 weeks to support the housing project we are spearheading. If you haven't heard, we have been making big plans over the past few years to embark on an exciting project to develop affordable homes providing a transitional community for those most in need. After years of planning, we are thrilled to make our dreams become a reality especially during a time in our history when it is most needed. We are reaching out to you because you have been a tremendous supporter of our organization and we need all of the help we can get. Can we count on you to participate in this campaign and support this amazing cause? EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!

About the LHD Housing Projects:

Our housing program is comprised of four unique efforts:

1. The LHD Transitional Family Home- this home was purchased in 2017 and currently houses a family of 8 with children ranging from 11-6 months old. Did you know families are often separated from each other when homeless because the shelters don’t allow men and women to stay together? That’s just one of the reasons this home has been a safehaven for this previously homeless family.

2. The LHD Transitional Home for Men- this home was purchased this summer ad will be a transitional facility housing 10-15 men. Doors open soon!

3. The LHD Transitional Tiny Home Community- this is what our “2020 Homes for the Homeless” campaign is focused on funding! This will be a community of 10-20 tiny homes providing Learn more about it below!

4. The LHD Long-Term Community- our 5 year plan is to develop a long-term community for chronically homeless individuals. We are partnering with an organization who successful made this concept a reality in Austin, TX. Check them out HERE. We have been gifted 20+ acres of land in Rock Hill to make this dream become a reality.

About the 2020 Homes for the Homeless Tiny Home Project:

· The Plan:

  • We will build a tiny home community that is ready to take in homeless individuals by the summer of 2021 (if you have ever built a home, you know timelines are often extend; while ours is aggressive, it is definitely doable. BUT, unforeseen delays out of our control could cause delays)

  • This will be a transitional community helping individuals get back on their feet.

  • Resources and support will be provided to prepare these individuals to find jobs and more permanent living arrangements within 6-12 months.

  • Currently exploring 3 potential land purchase options. Here are our requirements:

    • Ideally we would like 3-6 acres

    • Must be near a city bus line or some form of public transportation

    • Must be connected to city water and sewage to reduce infrastructure costs

    • Must be a “ready to build site”

· The Money:

  • We will use the $100k to purchase land, complete zoning and build as many homes as we can.

  • Of course, grants and financing are also required to complete this project.

  • Did you know we are a volunteer organization only? We currently don’t have any paid staff which means every dollar of this fundraiser goes directly to building the homes!

· Our Support Team:

  • A local relator who has found several potential options for land purchase.

  • A local attorney who is helping us navigate the zoning approval process.

  • Builders lined up to work with us who have experience in this type of effort!

· What happens once our doors open:

  • We will have a strict application process for those who are interested in joining our community.

  • Community members will be expected to pay rent and leverage the resources available to them while staying on site.

  • There will be on-site staff who provide resources, education and support to community members

We greatly appreciate your partnership in doing what we can to those who need it most. Thanks in advance for any support you can provide!

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