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Mobile Showers for Charlotte Homeless

Want to join us and make a difference?

Leah’s Hopes and Dreams has been offering mobile Pop Up Tent Showers to our Charlotte homeless community Twice a week. With the increasing number of individuals entering the streets daily, and the Winter season slowly approaching, offering Pop Up tent showers will not be a sustainable solution.  We’ve been looking at several options that will work to solve this problem. Ideally we are looking at purchasing a 3 Private Room 16 ft Shower Truck that has 3 Shower stalls  and 3 Toilets.  With this Shower Truck, we will be able to offer unlimited amount of showers and supplies more frequently and in a more effective way.

As many of us have re-energized around organizing behind housing issues and advocating for our homeless community we've found many needs that are regularly going unmet. Luckily with so much community support recently, we've been able to assist with a lot of these needs on an ongoing basis. We don't know how long it will take, or how hard it will be to achieve this goal but we know it is important. Having these showers available will not just help people stay healthy, but improve quality of life for many. Among many of our ongoing projects, we hope to work hard with the community to make this dream a reality. Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to donate, and for those who can't, please help us out by sharing. Again, thanks to everyone out there who has supported this mission. We are so grateful that you have helped us make a difference.

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