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LHD Exciting updates

Leah’s Hopes and Dreams in partnership with the Nomad Futurist Foundation and Ebeneezer Union Baptist Church is excited to announce that we are launching a Literacy Lab in Farmers Hill Exuma. This lab is meant to further the education of our students and provide opportunities such as Technology SAFe and Agile Certifications, other enhanced technology training, tutoring, onsite and virtual internships, panel discussions with peers in different countries and more.

We are grateful for a generous donation of 40 laptops by the Nomad Futurist Foundation, led by Nabeel Mahmood, Lake Norman IT Professionals, and E-2-D

2 commercial printers donated by Prestige Development Corporation. All in an effort to help us get started on this journey.

Thank you to L.N. Coakley High School for supporting this program, and Gray’s Media Productions for Partnering with us on the logistics, media development, technology support and more. We couldn’t do this without you.

We are launching on Friday September 22, 2023 at 11 AM! Join us!



Leah’s Hopes and Dreams has been continuously expanding its ministry and housing men who are transitioning out of incarceration. We would love it if you could help us fill 25 welcome baskets for these men! Once you have filled a basket with the items below you can drop them off at 3832 Freedom Drive, Charlotte NC 28208

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